Bollywood Star, Indian Army Major, Miss India, Radio Mirchi RJ and Comedian leave Students in high spirits as Parul University successfully hosts the “Youth Talks”

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Source: PU Mirror | SEPTEMBER 27, 2018
“If you have any ideas or any inspiring experiences, then this stage is for you” Ketki Mehta

Vadodara: The early campus morning at the city-based Parul University commenced with an exhilarating display of inspiration and motivation. As impeccable personalities from distinct walks of life came to share their heartwarming experiences with all the students, during the “YOUth Talks” event held in the central auditorium this afternoon. The “YOUth” organization is the brainchild of one of the most reputed film-makers by the name of Ketki Pandit Mehta. This organization works towards empowering the youth by challenging their perspective through highly inspirational life stories from prominent figures, with outstanding achievements.

This level of excellence was evidenced by the presence of exceptional personalities during this event. The panel comprised of some of the most impeccable national personalities and renowned public figures. These include the highly talented Bollywood actor Mr Shishir Sharma, who took the central stage with an amazing display of confidence from his life experience as a Bollywood actor.  Beginning his speech he started by expressing his gratitude as he said “Am i really standing here, am i really in Parul University, i am indeed grateful” He shared his life story with all the students present the story of how he came about to decide on his topic Live Limitless.

As a way of encouraging the students, he went on to share his story of how he came into Bollywood “You need to take the streams you wish to take in order for you to archive success… when I was 18 years old,  I wanted to become a flight person so i went to India Air, and took all the examinations required, after some time a letter arrived and my father received that letter. He was so angry at me for making that application. The reason why my father was angry at me is that he was a businessman and as the only son i was expected to also only become a businessman like and i did not want this so i said to myself  I will do what i want to do and not what someone wants me to do”.

The exhilarating RJ Kshitji, was also present as both a speaker and the anchor of the event. He gave a melodious song which the entire audience marveled at, as he went on to share his words on the importance of cultural pride through the expression of your own language. He urged the students to be proud of being Gujarati and to speak Gujarati as it is the language that makes the person.

The graceful former Miss World India, Shilpa Bhagat graced the stage, with her passion filled words of encouragement and motivation. She told the story of her most defining moments in life which all contributed to making her Miss India World “when i was 10  years old, i remember sitting in class next to a topper while eating my lunch. The friend of the topper asked the other topper why i was sitting next to her, and she looked at me and said, because I was so much of a loser that i needed her intelligence to rub on me. From that day i began studying my books so much that i became a topper that year, that was the first defining moment of my life towards my journey of being Miss India,” stating how intelligence, knowledge, and human dignity can always be developed as long you work hard. She further expressed how life is filled with moments which are negative, but it is how we take these negative moments that guarantees our success.

Adding on to this, the vibrant Major Surendra Poonia from the Indian Army, was also one of the significant speakers of the Youth Talks event. He gave a vivid depiction of the war scenario as he talked of how “Country is above all” teaching the students about Marching against the most impossible ventures, through his experiences in the Indian Army. The audience was completely overwhelmed by his expression of patriotism, as he went on to ask the people to stand in respect to the role played by Commander Shaheed Abdhul Hamid.

Mrs Riddhi Doshi Patel a prominent entrepreneur and psychologist speaking on the topic “Can we really have it all?” She started off by describing her journey and how she was being made to follow the dreams her parents, and how she later got the courage and decided to follow her own path and build her own career, “my society looked down upon me for this, but i kept on trying and continued in making efforts to grow.”

Mr Om Bhat created a humorous atmosphere through the jokes he made out of his life experiences, the journey that he walked of people bullying him because of his appearance, and how he turned all that negativity into something positive, which is the comedy he shares today.

The President Dr Devanshu Patel expressed his gratitude to all the organizers of the event in his closing remarks and urged the students to take up their role in the development of India. He went on to give a challenge to all the students as he said “Today i need to challenge all the youths of Parul University and everyone else I want to challenge you To Dream Limitless and Work Endless”. A token of gratitude was also given to Dr Shantanu Chakravarty for being the mentor of YOUth Talks and his commitment towards making this event a success.

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