Cannes 2018: Huma Qureshi Defines ‘Metal Mania’ In Red Carpet Debut


Cannes 2018: Whether Huma Qureshi impressed the fashion police or not is hard to say but she sure was a fresh sight in her avant-garde wardrobe picks

Actress Huma Qureshi made her debut appearance on the Cannes red carpet on Thursday. The 31-year-old actress ditched the gown and opted for a beige pantsuit, designed by Nikhil Thampi. Whether Huma Qureshi managed to impress the fashion police or not is hard to say but she sure was a fresh sight in her avant-garde wardrobe picks. Huma Qureshi’s look was described as the return of “metal mania” by the designer, who also added a detailed description of her outfit. Huma’s blazer was embellished with platinum chips and so were her flared pants. “Metal mania hits Cannes 2018 with our platinum chip overload bespoke suit, brought to life by the stellar Huma Qureshi in all her shining glory,” wrote the designer.

Huma accessorised with a single neckpiece from the studios of Piaget. The actress was styled by Mohit Rai and courtesy for her make-up (metallic eyes and nude lips) goes to Manjari Singh.

Here’s how Huma Qureshi made her red carpet debut.


Guess who she bumped into on the red carpet? 12 Tears A Slave actress Lupita Nyong’o. Sharing a photo with the Hollywood star, Huma wrote: “It’s always great to bump into strong inspiring women ..So nice to meet the beautiful and uber talented Lupita Nyong’o.”

At Cannes, Huma Qureshi is representing liquor brand Grey Goose as the brand ambassador. Ahead of her red carpet debut, she attended parties and press meets in the French Riviera.

This is how she was spotted airport before she took off for Cannes.



Kangana Ranaut also made her red carpet debut – she walked before Huma Qureshi on Thursday. Deepika Padukone, whose second year this is at Cannes, also turned heads on the Cannes red carpet last evening.

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