Congratulations president, Mark Zuckerberg called Donald Trump after his 2016 win

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India Today Tech: July 20, 2018 UPDATED: July 20, 2018 11:45 IST


While publicly most big-wigs in Silicon Valley have tried to steer clear from supporting or even endorsing Donald Trump, apparently away from the public glare things are different. When Donald Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, among the congratulatory calls that he got there was one from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. Publicly, Zuckerberg has tried to position himself as a Democrat-leaning tech CEO who holds very visible difference of opinion with Trump on topics like immigration and foreign workers in Silicon Valley.

According to a news report from BuzzFeed News, Mark Zuckerberg called Donald Trump to congratulate him days after his victory in the US presidential election and apparently also congratulated him for running a successful campaign on Facebook that saw trump camp spend millions of dollars on advertising on social media.

Interestingly, this ad spending, the kind of content that was generated in support of Trump on Facebook came under scanner after the elections when it becomes clear that foreign actors, including possibly those with Russia government connection, used Facebook as a tool to manipulate the elections in favour of Trump.

The report claims that though Zuckerberg has tried to hide his association with Trump from public eyes, Facebook calls the Trump 2016 campaign as an “innovator of a fast-moving, test-oriented approach to marketing” on the social media platform. Facebook reportedly earned nearly $44 million from the Trump’s campaign run on its platform.

The association of Facebook (and Mark Zuckerberg) with Donald Trump has been one of the most controversial debates since late 2016. The social media platform has been accused of helping data analyst company Cambridge Analytica that apparently used the data collected from Facebook users to sway the US president elections of 2016.

While this call would have been surely special, Trump and Zuckerberg have spoken multiple times over the phone. The two also talked during Zuckerberg’s surprise visit to a Ohio family.

In the last couple of years, because of how Facebook has been used by Donald Trump camp, Mark Zuckerberg has come under pressure to do something about the misinformation and opaque elections campaigns on the website. But so far, seemingly not much has been done. Of late, Facebook is also under fire for allowing websites like InfoWar, which overwhelmingly support Donald Trump but mostly publish fake news stories, to continue to operate on its platform. Just a day ago, Zuckerberg came yet again in news for the wrong reasons when he seemed to imply that people who deny Holocaust did so as an honest mistake and that Facebook should not delete such posts.


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