For Parul University quality teaching is the key for the best University experience.

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Higher Education in the current times has been constantly met by ever-changing global trends. The implementation of such changes has in most cases resulted in creating a vacuum within the teaching staff, placing regular training in a position of great importance. For the Parul University quality teaching, as a result of this understanding, the Vadodara based University has facilitated a platform strategically designed for the purpose of “teaching the teacher”. Up to one hundred and twenty of the university’s teaching staff recently underwent four days of intensive training on teaching competencies, a workshop conducted by Dr Kamila Ludwikowska from Wroclaw University Of Science and Technology, Poland, under the shade of the CABCIN project.

The European Union funded project serves as a platform to promote the quality of Higher Educational Institutions (HEIs) within India. Through the delivery of work packages, strategically designed to enhance the capacity of the teachers, shedding light on global teaching methodologies.

One of such work packages was delivered in Parul University, as the best way of improving the teaching quality not only within the university but in the nation at large. The staff underwent training in the various areas of information and communication technology (ICT), innovative interpersonal teaching methods and cross-cultural communication.  


All of such modules serving the main goal of developing a skill set concerning the ways of adapting to various global cultures as well as the ever-changing technological trends, rampant in today’s society as well promote the Parul University quality teaching.

Expressing the importance of this initiative, President, Dr Devanshu Patel said: “It is important to understand that our students either in medicine, engineering, arts or commerce see the importance of learning when they see their teachers leading by example by being open to learning ”. Projects such as CABCIN are of great importance as they constantly assist in developing the Higher Educational Standards of India as a nation.

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