“Harare” The Unforgettable Beauty That Lies Within A Twist Of Perspective.

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By : Tanya Chinyanganya
Edited By: Wilfred Mukawu
Copyrights SwishSays Photography
Copyrights SwishSays Photography


The Africa that is widely known by the world is a devastatingly impoverished, unsanitary and at times even a scary society. That is the thing , just like there are poor bits of the Developed nations which are not on an open platform to the rest of the world, we forget to realize the depth of beauty that lies within the heart of Africa. I am Zimbabwean, and in this article I do not only speak to my home  but to Africa as a whole and portraying Harare as the model city for this shed of enlightenment.
Copyrights SwishSays Photography
By SwishSays Photography
The formerly known Sunshine City, has and is still going through a lot! From poor drainage systems, to the poor utilities servicing to vending stalls everywhere, (we are trying, survival over everything else !) Harare is nothing close to a sun shining city now. Hell, my generation did not see a lot of that when it really meant something. Such realities for my generation are sadly histrorical tales told by our forefathers.
With that being said, there is still a lot of beauty to be seen. Our everyday spots turned into gold. I went on a journey,to capture the beauty of the city in a series I am calling #beautyintheCBD. My journey was a fun walkabout of spots that if you reside or visit Zimbabwe you see all the time and inevitably take for granted. A second chance, to grant our city a second look.
Harare is a beautiful city, that maybe we just need to change the eyes through which we see it. Just like the unimaginable beauty that lie beneath the flaws that have taken residence on my skin, so is the beauty of Africa. I hope you enjoy seeing the city through my eyes.

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