Indian Railways Offers 5 Rupee incentive for plastic bottles disposed in the crushing machine.

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The theme for the environmental day this 5th much was concerning the need to beat plastic pollution. In compliance to this need for reduction of plastic pollution, the Indian Railways took a great plastic combating initiative. As a way of encouraging people to dispose of plastic bottles in a safe manner. There has been an introduction of various bottle crushing machines in the railways, not to end there, an additional incentive has been added for this act. For every bottle that any passenger drops into the machine, a 5 rupee incentive will be rewarded in that passenger’s payTM account. This has been met by an overwhelming response by the passengers as well as the vendors. Railway stations are the hotspots for vending, as you will find a majority of the vendors selling water and drinks to the passengers. Upon seeing that you can never discourage the vendors to stop selling, but the best alternative would be to encourage the passengers who will be buying from these vendors to find the most effective means of disposing of these plastic bottles.

This is, by all means, an affirmative action that helps in the combat for environmental protection. it goes on to encourage the stakeholders of this world to be active members and caretakers of our beloved earth. This is an exemplary initiative that can even be implemented by schools and universities, in order to make the future generation understand the level of importance of environmental protection.

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