Kanye West Describes African American Slavery As a “Choice”

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Drafted by Wilfred Mukawu

In light of the various recent posts and actions of the music genius, rapper and producer Kanye West, that started with a display of his love and support for Donald Trump. Such an endorsement that triggered rumors among the various Hollywood artists. Kanye West went on to have a live interview on TMZ where he sought to clarify his perspective and where stands in this entire scandal. In his defense he clarified how the recent occurrences and twitter posts he has been publishing, are designed to show and display that utmost level of freedom and liberty of thought, he has as an American.

That he is free to support and endorse whomever he wants to. However various critics have displayed a level disagreement with this agenda as they term Kanye West as a trend setter, thus he has the power and ability to influence the minds of many people, thus he needs to ensure that the influence he passes on should by all means not be negative influence. During his interview he went to exclaim how the African Americans who endured slavery for 400 years did so as a choice. He based his statement on how they were many and could have used their numbers to free themselves. Such a statement went on to spark an emotional array of drama within the TMZ studios as Van Lathan highlighted his disappointment in the statements just made. The social media has been buzzing on this issue, with a large amount of his following expressing their level of disappointment in his actions. Kanye went on to express how there is need to preach love, as he notes “Donald Trump is Human too”and as the interview wrapped he resited an apology to the Black community, and further expressed “I’m just doing what the universe told me”

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