Nelson Chamisa Shows Admiration For Paul Kagame

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Upon a Rally held by the MDC Party Leader, Nelson Chamisa, in Zimbabwe. In his speech as he mention the direction which MDC was to take. He went on to mention in his speech how much he had admiration for the works of Paul Kagame. He proclaimed how he had offered some piece of advise to the Rwandan President, that had an element in the reviving of the Rwandan economy. However such claims we further refuted by Paul Kagame, on his twitter page ten hours ago. He further went on to deny claims of ever having a meeting of any kind with Chamisa.

This has taken a major toll through out the entire social media sphere. However various sources have shown images of Chamisa actually meeting Paul Kagame. It becomes imperative to note at this juncture, that the scope of development Zimbabwe greatly depends on a united African front. The denial of endorsement by ruling parties towards opposition parties of member nations, simply furthers the competitive elements within African politics. It is by all means a sad reality to realise how the intergrity of politics and democracy has been deemed to mere petty social media gossip.

The main focus of the speech Chamisa made was centered on admiration of the Rwandan Economy and the development of Zimbabwe. This should be our main point of focus, we cannot afford to lose this focus by having our eyes swayed in the direction of social  media gossip. I was delighted by the social media engagement of political parties, as it was a way to further the vital democratic element of transparency. However the reality of this engagement has proved to have dire consequences.

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