Parul University Ayurveda institute brings to life the essence of yoga, International yoga day

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Parul university Ayurveda institute yoga day celebrations

The only way to a healthy body is through the mind when your mind becomes healthy only then will you be able to keep your body in a healthy state, Yoga is the only element that gives you a refreshing internal exercise of the mind, that revitalises your body into a good healthy state. This is the main goal of the Dept. of Swasthavritta and Parul University Ayurveda sort to archive through the organizing of the For International Yoga Day Celebration on June 21, 2018.

The refreshing morning began with a  Mega Yoga Session, following the “Common Yoga Protocol” that had already been promulgated by CCRYN and the  Central Government, Department of AYUSH. For the joint purpose of expressing the passion for yoga, more than 1000 students and staff, took part in this initiative.

The University Registrar, Dr Vijayakumar had the honour of inaugurating the session in honour of various highly reputable guests namely, Shri Narsimha N Komar (IG, Telecommunications Gandhinagar) along with Shri H.P Sisodiya (Superintendent, Prohibition & Excise Vadodara), who graced the occasion with their words or encouragement on the importance of Yoga.

“ Every single day we are surrounded by so many troubles and hardships, Yoga is the only element that refreshes our minds, it restores our hearts as it teaches each and every one of us how to avoid being controlled by out troubles.” said the Medical Director, Dr Geetika M Patel, as she as she expressed her deepest gratitude for the efforts invested in making this program. Respectable dignitaries namely Dr M.N Patel and Dr Hemant also expressed the same sentiments in their address.

The true ancient essence of Yoga was once again brought to life within the Parul University campus the people took keen participation in the yoga day practice.

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