Private Universities have ventured into the promotion of International Education.

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The Indian Education System, after the transformation, in 1991 under the liberalization Privatization and Globalization policy. The move has been greatly responded to by various Private Universities which have taken up the globalization aspect into the creation of a global India. As a way of contributing to the global scope of education and promoting an environment that teaches subjects which have a more global reach.

The nation has played a key role in the creation of the best and most suiting conditions for international studying. In many ways, the idea of Incredible India has been greatly portrayed through exchange programs and full-time study programs.

Students have come up from various continents, such as Africa, Asia, Europe and America, all selecting India as their Ideal study destination.

Parul University is one of such Private Universities in Vadodara Gujarat, that has taken a key role in promoting a global atmosphere, promoting the best education agenda of the world. Along with Universities such as Sharda, Golgothias, Lovely Professional University, Amity University.  These have been active participants in promoting this agenda.

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