Sex-deprived dolphin Zafar terrorises tourists at French beach

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Sex-deprived dolphin Zafar terrorizes tourists at a French beach.

  • Wednesday, August 28, 2018 12:31 IST

The beach in France’s Britanny is dealing with a rather unusual problem. Zafar, a sexually-deprived dolphin, has scared the living daylights out of tourists by attempting to rub against them.

Such is the terror of the lovelorn dolphin that the Landevennec beach is currently out of bounds for tourists and swimmers. The beach has imposed a ban on swimming because of the dolphin, nicknamed Zafar by locals.

Over the past days, Zafar’s antics have ranged from rubbing himself against kayaks to pushing a woman out of water into the air using its nose.

Zafar has been frequenting the waters around the Bay of Brest for a few months, but it was some weeks ago that the dolphin’s normally-friendly behavior went through a drastic transformation.

“Swimming and diving are banned on the village shoreline… whenever the presence of the dolphin is confirmed,” read a new bylaw issued last week by the mayor of Landevennec, Roger Lars, reported The Telegraph.

“Approaching within 50 metres of the dolphin is also forbidden,” said the new bylaw.

The new rules are keeping in mind the safety of tourists, the mayor told the daily.

Lars told Ouest-France newspaper, “Several swimmers were frightened. He (Zafar) even lifted up a woman swimmer last Thursday with his nose.”

Landevennec is a commune in Brittany in northwest France.

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