Students of Parul Institute of Engineering Technology Take Social Innovation to Greater Heights During Tech Expo.



The 21st century is one that is characterised by forms of innovative measures centred on the betterment of the lives of the people. Such pro-active initiatives have been enthusiastically taken up by the students of Parul University institute of Engineering and Technology. Tech Expo is an Annual State level project exhibition held by Parul University, designed to provide the students a highly competitive platform to engineer socially impactful projects.
Among these projects there were two which were highly outstanding, which have proven to be of great utility towards the progressive development of society. And these include an Automatic street cleaner and waste collector, as well as a tricycle for the disabled known as RUDRAA.

The first project made, was a skilful use of engineering so as to design a highly efficient way to clean up the dirt and trash in the combat against pollution. The mechanism of this object is in such a manner that it does not require any external power to be effective but simply relies upon a human force, what the engineers call a “simple push”. Once the wheels are mobile a broom underneath strategically collects the trash from the ground into a disposable bin. This happens in such a way that the human operator does not even get in contact with the dirt, and above all it simplifies the whole concept of manual work by making the whole sweeping process highly efficient.

The project was spearheaded by Parth Topare, kushal Tadvi and Bariya Hemant under the assistance of Professor Mayur Patel. The project is by all means as a result of the well-oiled student teacher relation within Parul University.
The second project is of a tricycle made and designed for people with any form of disabilities.

The concept of this cycle is more of an enhancement of the traditional tricycle, however this unique student engineering focuses on the use of rotary motion into a to & fro motion in order to reduce the actual amount of human effort applied, at the same time increasing the mechanical advantage. Thus combining steering as well as driving mechanism, so that both the hands can perform within a motion.

This is by all means a needful project that centres on increasing the ability within the disabled people, making their convenience effortless and bettering their wellbeing. This project is the brainchild of Anuj J Kapadia, Riddhi P Shah, Umang H Patel, Aastha N Jani, under the supervision of Mr Vishal Dutta from Parul Institute of Engineering and Technology.

The stakeholders of the project seek to further advance this tricycle into the creation of a rechargeable, motor system, to completely get rid of human effort, thus making the lives of any disabled person even easier.
It is by all means imperative to note that all of the projects made, followed a design model encouraged by Parul University, a model which seeks to impart on all the engineering students. A kind of innovation that follows cost effective and highly subsidized models so as to be affordable for each and every end user.

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