WATCH: Indonesian villagers kill nearly 300 crocodiles in revenge attack

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Villagers in eastern Indonesia killed 292 protected saltwater crocodiles to avenge a fellow villager’s death, who was killed by in an attack in the crocodile breeding farm.

In an act of revenge, villagers in eastern Indonesia’s Sorong district killed 292 crocodiles at a breeding farm after a man was attacked by one of the reptiles. Officials said that the man entered the breeding farm to pick grass for his livestock when he was attacked by a crocodile. The villagers decided to take matters into their own hands after he died of his injuries. They killed 292 endangered crocodiles, both hatchling and adult size.

The Police Chief said, “These were spontaneous actions from residents around the area who entered the farm and killed the crocodiles. We tried to stop them, but all had already been done.”

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Officials say that the farm had a license to breed the protected saltwater crocodiles, only on the condition that they do not disturb the community.

Locals defended the actions citing safety reasons. “It’s better that this kind of animal is kept far away. It’s safer for people and those who have livestock and farms,” a resident said.

In the video, the villagers can be seen dragging dead crocodiles from over a wall and piling them near a cheering crowd. The man’s death and subsequent revenge attack are both under investigation.

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