Zimbabwean President Election Results Finally Announced

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“Old wine in new wineskin” is the most suiting description to the most eagerly awaited presidential election results. The status quo maintained as Zanu PF Leader Emmerson Mnangagwa was elected president of what is termed the 2nd republic of Zimbabwe. The contest between the two most popular parties in the country, MDC Alliance led by Nelson Chamisa, finally came to an end with Zanu PF leading at 50.8%. While MDC Alliance closed in with a moving 44%.

The distribution of the votes was by all means in an unbalanced manner. The ruling had secured a majority of the votes in the most remote parts of the country. The urban vote, however, was locked majorly by Nelson Chamisa, with over 500 000 votes in the capital, Harare. The votes started off with a fair chance of victory between the two dominant parties and took a sudden turn in favour of Zanu PF.

The night ended dull for a majority of the urban Zimbabwean, who had been assured a confidence of victory earlier in the day by the leaders of the opposition. The popular vote in the cities was hopeful for a young leader to take the nation further in development. The authenticity of the results did not, however, go unquestioned. The chief inspection agent for the opposition came out soon after the announcement and alleged that the results announced did not add up with the V11 forms they collected. However, before he could finish his statement he was escorted from the press by the police.

The President came out and expressed his utmost gratitude to the people of Zimbabwe, for the victory, and vowed to carry everyone along the path of progress, even those of the opposition. The country still remains silent and in high hopes for peace to prevail, to what seems to be an acceptance of the results.

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